1983 Golf GTI Campaign


[ 30 years old: September 1983 - September 2013]

Ordered on the 29th August 1983 and supplied new on the 7th September 1983 by The Ian Skelly Centre in Glasgow, this Golf GTI Campaign (EW chassis) was owned by myself from new until being part-exchanged in January 1986. 15 years later (May 2001) the car was traced to an address in Bristol where the owner was made an offer he couldn't refuse! The details of this search and eventual transaction were told in the article called, Friends Reunited, published in Autocar.

In 2004, the car was comprehensively restored in Birmingham including the fitting of a new VEGE (VAG) DX engine.

In October 2006, the thoroughly appropriate registration number 83 VW became available through a DVLA auction. This was assigned to the vehicle in March 2007.

This 1983 Golf GTI is kept in full road-going condition and despite its image being used on other internet sites, this car is not for sale.

 " ... the details of this eventual transaction were told in the article called, Friends Reunited, published in Autocar."



Original supplying VW dealer.


VW certificate confirms "Campaign" edition.

Mk1 Golf GTI - with towbar!


What's worth more - car or registration number?


Standard series two interior.


Original seats & (30 year old) Clarion rear shelf audio speakers.


Factory fitted steel sunroof.


Rebuilt 5-speed gearbox.


All new parts.


New braking system.


New cooling system.


Reinforced exhaust mounts.


Factory wax prevented serious hidden corrosion.


Walnut door trim by Rokee.


Aerial hole plug on o/s/f wing.


New rubber seals.


Rear strut brace.


R10 wheels by Ronal. (ET37)


All original factory labels intact.


Original supplying VW dealer rear window decal.


Original supplying VW dealer number plates.


August 1984 (expiry) tax disc with original VRM.



Original (1983) V55.


The original (1983) registration document.


Large history file.


With 1983 VW sales brochure.


Spare seat cloth.


Park your Golf here!


Foam bath followed by ...


clay bar and resin polish ...


... then wax.


Polish those rims!


Original paint has high definition shine.


Tailored garage cover.


With Jaguar XJ.


Car and garages protected by Bosch digital CCTV.


Flashback to 1984:

In 1984, car wore USA Rabbit badges.
Note period accessory: black venetian electric rear window blind.

1980s Rabbit tailblazer and Rabbit rear badge.



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