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HMJ 761V was built on the 27th June 1979 and first registered on the 8th August the same year. It is believed that this particular car was one of the first to be brought into the U.K. in factory RHD specification and would have qualified for a 'T' registration suffix had it not been for the first owner insisting on having the new registration letter.

This car has had three (verified) women owners and subsequently was never crashed or thrashed and with only 88,000 genuine miles recorded it came with a comprehensive service history. The overall standard of the vehicle made a very good basis for a comprehensive restoration project. 

Parts for the pre 1980 GTI are hard to locate.

Work included every exterior panel, but not the roof, being replaced with brand new items - all panel replacement was kept as sympathetic as possible using VAG sourced parts. A genuine windscreen frame/scuttle panel (part no: 171 817 115) was purchased but not required. All suspension components were dismantled, shot-blasted and repainted.

"... all panel replacement was kept as sympathetic as possible using VAG sourced parts."


Extensive repairs were made to the rear suspension mounting points and repair panels were used for the front inner wings. New VAG inner rear arches were fitted. All exterior trim, suspension, decals, running gear and tyres were renewed. The car is now fitted with the optional alloy road wheel available for the 4-speed version in 1979. A manual compression test revealed the EG engine was in excellent internal condition but nevertheless had all of its ancillaries replaced including a complete Bosch fuel injection system and factory spec cooling system. The gearbox was rebuilt by Central Axles in Birmingham.

The original seats (with early style seatbelt clasps) and headrests were originally re-upholstered in black leather but these were re-trimmed again in January, 2012 when the GTI tartan cloth became available. New carpet/soundproofing was also fitted. The majority of parts used were genuine VAG. 

All panel work was carried out to the highest standards. All welds were seam finished. The body was painted with PPG Autofinish paint, the shell and underside were then thoroughly wax-injected. 

Complete details of restoration, listed below.

Initial strip down revealed - spare seat used.


Rear panel and rear suspension removed.


Rear quarter panels cut away and new inner rear arches fitted (both sides.)


Front inner wing repair panels.


Front apron cut away.


New inner rear arches (both sides.)


New back end.


Engine removed.


Vehicle ready for front suspension strip down and underbody painting.


Inside of new front wings (underside/wheel arches) coated with 3M sealant - then painted.


Underside becoming VERY clean.


Underside of windscreen scuttle - free of corrosion.


All new front apron/inner front wings.


Off to the paint shop.


Rebuilt 4-speed gearbox.


All new rubber boots etc.


New fuel pipes.


All new suspension and tyres.


A small selection of new parts.


Final fit.

Restoration of HMJ 761V
(Started: August 1995 - Completed: February 1996)

All work professionally undertaken.

Remove rear hatch
Remove o/s & n/s doors
Remove bonnet
Remove o/s & n/s front wings
Remove o/s & n/s rear quarter panels
Remove front apron
Remove upper & lower rear valance
Remove all interior trim (excluding dashboard)
Remove all exterior trim
Remove road wheels and rear suspension/brake set-up
Remove engine and gearbox (lower from chassis)
Remove brake/fuel pipes and cooling system
Remove exhaust and ancillary brackets
Remove steering rack and front suspension/brake set-up
Remove all glass
Remove fuel tank and wash out
Cut away inner rear arches (both sides)
Cut away corrosion on inner front wings (both sides)
Check condition of remaining body-shell
Repair minor corrosion to both sills
Weld in repair panels to both inner front wings
Weld in and seal both new inner rear wheel arches (VAG)
Examine / clean underbody
Repaint underbody / wheel arches and apply thick 3M underseal
Apply anti chip protection to both sills (3M)
Weld in and trim new rear quarter panels (VAG both sides)
Weld in new lower and upper rear valance (VAG)
Temporary fit both doors and check for alignment issues
Weld in new front apron (early VAG)
Temporary fit new front wings and check for alignment issues
Prepare interior for repaint
Repaint and apply thick 3M underseal to inner front wings
Repaint and apply thick 3M underseal to inside of front wings
Position and drill radio aerial hole to n/s front wing
Repair and re-weld rear suspension mounting points
Repair and re-weld clutch cable/bulkhead aperture
Fit and align both new doors (VAG)
Fit and align both front wings
Rub down entire body-shell and apply primer
Transport vehicle to specialist body shop
Re enamel body-shell in PPG autofinish paint (black)
Re paint wiper arms (3)
Transport vehicle back to main garage
Supply and fit new fuel pipes (VAG)
Supply and fit new brake pipes (VAG)
Refit suspension subframes
Supply and fit standard spec road springs (BOGE)
Supply and fit standard spec shock absorbers (BOGE)
Supply and fit standard spec front brake discs
Fit restored brake disc callipers
Supply and fit new wheel bearings (VAG)
Supply and fit new rear brake drums (VAG)
Supply and fit new front brake pads
Supply and fit new accelerator pedal grommit
Pressure wash engine
Rebuild original 4-speed gear box
Refit engine
Supply and fit new cambelt (VAG)
Supply and fit all new braided fuel lines (BOSCH)
Supply and fit 4 new Bosch fuel injectors & seals
Supply and fit new Bosch metering head (VAG)
Supply and fit new complete engine breathing apparatus (VAG)
Supply and fit new distributor (TSR - POINTS DISTRIBUTOR)
Supply and fit new alternator (VAG)
Fit supplied new cold start injector (BOSCH)
Fit supplied warm-up regulator (VAG)
Fit supplied fuel pump (VAG)
Supply and fit new fuel pump bracket and absorber (VAG)
Supply and fit new water pump (VAG)
Supply and fit new clutch OEM
Supply and fit heater control valve
Fit supplied battery (VAG)
Supply and fit radiator (VALEO)
Supply and fit new thermostat (VAG)
Supply and fit new engine gaskets (all VAG)
Supply and fit clutch cable (VAG) (kit)
Supply and fit throttle cable (VAG)
Supply and fit speedometer cable
Supply and fit oil pressure switch
Supply and fit new engine mounts x2 (VAG)
Supply and fit gearbox mount(s) (VAG)
Supply and fit suspension bushes (VAG)
Fully lubricate original driveshafts
Supply and fit new driveshaft boots
Supply and fit new earth cable
Supply and fit remaining rubber boots/covers (VAG)
Supply and fit new HT leads (VAG)
Fit supplied front wheel arch protectors (not original equipment) (VAG)
Supply and fit engine bay rubber trim (bulkhead) (VAG)
Fit supplied front GTI grille (VAG)
Fit supplied new headlights (HELLA)
Fit supplied new GTI front spoiler (VAG)
Fit supplied new exterior badges (VAG)
Fit supplied new door mirrors (VAG)
Fit supplied radio aerial (BOSCH)
Fit supplied rear light clusters (VAG)
Fit supplied front & rear bumpers (VAG)
Supply and fit new standard spec exhaust (VAG)
Fit reconditioned wiper motor
Fit all remaining exterior trim
Apply genuine decals to bodywork (VAG)
Fit supplied new soundproofing (VAG)
Fit supplied additional soundproofing (BJ ACOUSTICS)
Fit supplied carpet (BJ ACOUSTICS)
Supply and fit three new wiper blades (BOSCH)
Fit supplied new door plastic membranes x2 (VAG)
Refit all interior trim
Fit supplied complete set of new rubber seals (VAG)
Supply and fit new windscreen (AUTOGLASS)
Refit original glass
Fit supplied new handbrake (VAG)
Fit new fuse box (VAG)
Fit new fuel pump relay (VAG)
Supply and fit new fuel tank sender unit and seal (VAG)
Supply and fit new stainless steel fuel filler neck
Refit original seats and rear parcel shelf
Fit restored alloy wheels with new Uniroyal tyres
Supply and fit all new remaining service items
Bosch tune engine
Refill engine with new engine oil
Check for fluid leakage
Road test vehicle and rectify snag list
OVERHAUL: November 2004

Add flushing agent to engine oil (FORTE)
Drain off engine oil and renew (CASTROL)
Fit new oil filter (VAG)
Fit new fuel filter (BOSCH)
Fit new fuel accumulator and associated pipes (BOSCH)
Fit new air filter (VAG)
Fit new spark plugs
Fit new HT leads (VAG)
Drain off coolant and renew
Clean all brake apparatus
Check pipes/hoses and all connections
Renew brake fluid
Remove fuel tank and clean
Fit new cambelt (OPTIBELT)
Fit new rocker cover gasket (VAG)
Remove sump pan and clean
Fit new sump pan gasket (rubber) (VAG)
Lubricate required areas
Bosch tune engine
Road test vehicle
OVERHAUL: May 2011
Add flushing agent to engine oil (WYNNS)
Drain off engine oil and renew (CASTROL CLASSIC)
Fit new oil filter (VAG)
Drain off coolant and renew
Check pipes/hoses and all connections
Lubricate required areas
Snow foam bath, clay paintwork and high definition wax - full valet
INTERIOR RE-TRIM: January 2012
Remove front & rear seats
Re-trim front & rear seats in series 1 Golf GTI cloth
Refit front & rear seats
VALET: August 2016
Snow foam (hot wash), resin polish, high definition 'wet look' wax
Black trim polish
Leather treatment
Alloy wheel polish and sealant (Rim Wax)
Full valet

*VAG = genuine Volkswagen/Audi dealer sourced parts.


Series 1 GTI (black) cloth.


Full inventory and costing of restoration.



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