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83 VW





83 VW  was professionally restored during the Summer of 2004. This genuine Campaign GTI has a known service history until 1995, before being purchased by myself, for the second time, in 2001. Although registered as having eight owners, technically it is only five, as the car was sold within the same two families. All previous owners looked after the car and kept it largely original. A BBS front spoiler, VW tow bar and sports exhaust were fitted in the early 1990s. 

New VEGE (VAG) DX engine.

In March 2004, the vehicle underwent a full appraisal prior to restoration. After professional buffing, the original paintwork was in superb condition for a car over 20 years old. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for the engine and running gear. After almost 200,000 miles completed, tests revealed the original DX engine was showing signs of wear and action would be needed sooner rather than later. Reconditioned engines from various UK suppliers were considered, but in the end a remanufactured DX engine was sourced from VEGE.

All VEGE engines are hot run tested for 30 minutes.

VEGE website:

VEGE engines are remanufactured, not reconditioned, and are built to the exact specifications, and with the same components, as specified by the original car manufacturer. Each VEGE engine is hot run tested under its own power for a minimum of 30 minutes before shipping. VEGE are a respected well established company and supply one major European car manufacturer with replacement warranty engines. The 5 speed gearbox was rebuilt by Central Axles, Birmingham.

VEGE engine label.


New GTI decals.

On strip down, it was found that the overall body condition was very good with just a few rust patches on the underside. Corrosion around the sunroof tray and tailgate lock was repaired. An approved Golf Mk1 tow bar had been professionally fitted and was retained. 

"... a remanufactured DX engine was sourced from VEGE."


The car kept its 100% original panels and the paintwork will remain as supplied from Wolfsburg although various trim, decals and new bumpers were fitted. To give the vehicle a more purposeful stance, a set of Ronal R10 alloys wheels with 195/50 tyres were fitted together with a front a rear strut brace. A Jetex exhaust completed the picture.

Complete details of restoration, listed below.

Engine, ancillaries and gearbox removed - factory paintwork retained.


VEGE replacement engine.


Correct factory parts identified and sourced.


Sourcing correct parts - very time consuming.


New VAG (Bosch) fuel metering head.


New fuel accumulator and bracket.


New fuel pump bracket and absorber.


New fuel tank sender seal.


Rubber sump pan gasket.


Oil filter housing gaskets.


New rubber seals etc.


Lots of small insignificant parts.


Replace those perished rubber grommets!


More genuine VAG parts.


New front assembly.


Underside of windscreen scuttle - free of corrosion.


New fuel tank.


New brake compensator.


New front suspension wishbones.


Underside comprehensively undersealed.


Rebuilt gearbox bolted on to new engine.


All new bushes, bolts etc.


Jetex exhaust - a tight fit.


All ready for the road.


Mechanical rebuild complete.

Restoration of 83 VW
(Started: June 2004 - Completed: November 2004)

All work professionally undertaken.

Carry out manual compression test of original DX engine
Remove engine and gearbox (lower from chassis)
Remove all ancillaries from vehicle
Remove interior seats (front & rear) for professional cleaning
Remove road wheels and rear suspension/brake set-up
Remove steering rack and front suspension/brake set-up
Remove engine/cooling system and auxiliary pipe work
Remove underbody cables etc.
Remove exhaust and ancillary brackets
Remove fuel tank
Pressure wash / degrease engine compartment and underside
Check condition of underbody and repair as required
Repair corrosion to sunroof tray seam (both sides)
Repair corrosion to spare wheel well
Repair corrosion to o/s/r seat belt mounting area
Repair corrosion to o/s/r wheel bay
Clean underbody and repaint with underseal
Re-wax lower engine compartment (WAXOYL)
Fit new VEGE ( VAG DX) remanufactured engine
Rebuild 5 speed gearbox with new gear pack
Fit new components including distributor and water pump (all VAG)
Fit new rubber hoses (VAG complete set)
Renew entire fuel injection system (including Bosch meter head)
Fit new fuel tank
Fit new brake master (and new brake light switch)
Fit new drive shafts (VAG complete)
Check wheel arch clearance for 15' wheels
Remove front plastic wheel arch liners and check / repair corrosion
Prepare and repaint wheel arch wells and apply anti chip coating (3M)
Repaint suspension components
Apply anti chip protection to all wheel arches (3M)
Repair and re-weld clutch cable / bulkhead aperture
Supply and fit new fuel pipes (as required) (VAG)
Supply and fit new brake pipes (VAG)
Refit suspension subframes / new components
Supply and fit standard spec road springs (BOGE)
Supply and fit new strut top mounting kit(s)
Supply and fit standard spec shock absorbers and auxiliaries (BOGE)
Supply and fit standard spec front brake discs and pads
Supply and fit new flywheel
Supply and fit sundries: hoses clips etc.
Fit new front brake disc callipers
Supply and fit new wheel bearings (VAG)
Supply and fit new rear brake drums (VAG)
Supply and fit new cambelt
Supply and fit new complete cambelt cover x2 (VAG)
Supply and fit all new braided fuel lines (complete set)
Supply and fit 4 new Bosch fuel injectors and seals
Supply and fit new engine breathing apparatus
Supply and fit new alternator (BOSCH)
Supply and fit new alternator mounting bracket (VAG)
Supply and fit new steering track rods (VAG)
Supply and fit new heater matrix (VAG)
Supply and fit new heater regulator (VAG)
Supply and fit new clutch (OEM)
Fit supplied new radiator cowling (VAG)
Fit supplied radiator air ducts x3 (VAG)
Supply and fit new cooling fan (dual speed) (GSF)
Fit supplied VAG battery
Fit new coolant and brake fluid reservoir containers (VAG)
Supply and fit new radiator (VALEO)
Fit supplied new thermostat (VAG)
Supply and fit clutch cable kit (VAG)
Supply and fit throttle cable (VAG)
Supply and fit speedometer cable (VAG)
Supply and fit new dual-tone horn (VAG)
Supply and fit new engine mounts x2 (VAG)
Supply and fit gearbox mounts x2 (VAG)
Supply and fit suspension bushes (VAG)
Supply and fit new dipstick
Fit supplied new inner and outer driveshaft boots x2 (VAG)
Supply and fit new earth cable (VAG)
Fit supplied steering rack rubber boots (VAG)
Fit supplied VAG HT leads (VAG)
Fit supplied wheel arch trim x4 (GSF)
Fit supplied engine bay (bulkhead) rubber seal (VAG)
Fit supplied front Hella spotlamp grille
Fit supplied new headlights (HELLA)
Remove all radio aerial apparatus/door speakers
Fit supplied Jetex sports exhaust (complete system)
Supply and fit new oil temp sender
Supply and fit new coolant temp sender
Fit new oil pressure switch (x2)
Supply and fit new expansion tank sender
Supply and fit new ignition lead set
Fit new accelerator pedal grommet
Fit reinforced exhaust mounts
Fit supplied upper aluminium front strut brace
Fit supplied aluminium rear strut brace (TRIMSPORT)
Fit new wiper motor (VAG reconditioned)
Fit supplied new door window seals (VAG)
Fit supplied new door seals (VAG)
Fit supplied front door waterproof membrane x2 (VAG)
Remove rear window and fit new black decal to rear hatch (TRIMSPORT)
Refit rear window with supplied new seal (GPC)
Supply and fit wiper blades x3 (BOSCH)
Repaint all tow bar apparatus
Check fuses and fit new fuel pump relay (VAG)
Fit new fuel tank sender unit and seal (VAG)
Fit new fuel pump bracket and absorber (VAG)
Fit new fuel accumulator (BOSCH)
Fit new fuel accumulator bracket (VAG)
Fit supplied fuel filler neck (3rd PARTY STAINLESS)
Fit supplied rear parcel shelf (eBAY)
Fit supplied new wooden door cappings (Rokee)
Fit supplied front number plate holder (VAG)
Fit new Ronal Turbo (R10) alloy wheels (ET37) and 195/50/15 tyres
Supply and fit all new remaining service items
Carry out 4 wheel alignment check
Bosch tune engine
Check for fluid leakage
Carry out MOT test
Road test vehicle and rectify snag list


Drain off 'running in' engine oil
Refill with new oil (CASTROL)
Replace oil filter (VAG)
Drain off gearbox oil and renew (CASTROL)
Check wheel alignment
Check engine, cooling system and gearbox for leakage
Run engine on analyser
Rectify 2nd snag list

OVERHAUL: August 2011

Add flushing agent to engine oil (WYNNS)
Renew engine oil filter (VAG)
Renew engine oil (CASTROL)
Fit new spark plugs (NGK)
Clean and lubricate front discs/pads
Renew rear brake cylinders (VAG)
Renew brake fluid
Drain off coolant and renew anti-freeze
Check engine, cooling system and gearbox for leakage
Lubricate required areas
Snow foam bath, clay paintwork and high definition wax - full valet


Engine oil filter (VAG)
Timing belt kit (VW Heritage)
Air filter (VW Heritage)
Fuel filter (VW Heritage)
Bosch spark plugs
Rear brake drums [again!] (VW Heritage)
Front windscreen wash motor (VW Heritage)


Renew engine oil (Castrol Classic)
Check/renew coolant
Lubricate required areas and carry out normal service items
Check towbar electrics (all ok)
Snow foam (hot wash), resin polish, high definition 'wet look' wax
Black trim polish
Alloy wheel polish and sealant (Rim Wax)
Full valet

Full inventory and costing of restoration.


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