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GTI Engineering

Tuning firm, GTI Engineering, could make the finest hot hatch even better. In the 1980s, these highly developed cars were extremely sought after, but deep pockets were required if you wanted to own one.

GTI Engineering offered a bewildering and enticing range of extras even including a larger capacity fuel tank for the Mk1 Golf GTI. The desirability amongst knowledgeable enthusiasts for these cars, even today, remains undiminished, but finding a true unmolested example may be extremely difficult.     

A full specification GTI Engineering Golf GTI.

Note: black rear window surround on metallic blue car.

This car has discreet double wiper blades.


Superb GTI Engineering steering wheel.


Mega expensive Pirelli P7 tyres and Zender alloys.


Engine tuning data supplied with every converted car.


Expensive car!

Below is a full spec and prices for a Mk1 Golf GTI prepared by GTI Engineering.

All prices are from 1983 and include fitting, unless otherwise stated.

1983 Golf GTI including factory sunroof, green glass and full leather:   8,143.00

2000cc engine (exchange)   2,445.00
3.47:1 conversion:   430.00
Zender 7x15 body kit:   682.00
Zender 7' lamp grille:   202.00
Zender rear spoiler:   56.50
Zender tailtrim:   27.00
5 x Zender 7x15 alloy wheels:   525.00
5 x Pirelli P7 195/50/VR/15 tyres:   572.00
Bilstein sportspack:   430.07
Exhaust manifold:   120.00
Exhaust system:   155.50
GTI steering wheel:   95.00
GTI carpets:   25.00
Zender seat cushion:   15.00
Seat modification:   130.00
Twin wiper blade kit:   15.00
VDO oil pressure gauge:  41.50
VDO voltmeter:   9.90
VDO water temp gauge:   22.00
Fitting VDO gauges:   21.00
Blaupunkt Toronto radio/cassette:   275.00
Pioneer speakers:   52.00
Fader:   15.80
Electric aerial:   39.50
Radio installation:   50.00
Electric windows:   178.00
Audi style window switches:   24.00
Interior silent travel kit:   92.00
Mintex brake pads:   47.44
Top brace:   66.00
Lower brace:   54.00
Fitting:   14.00
Painting materials:   60.00  
TOTAL OTR:         15,130.21     

Fall from grace: superb engineered car now going for peanuts in 2006.



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