1979 Golf GTI


[ 36 years old: August 1979 - August 2015 ]

[ 20 years since restoration: February 1996 - February 2016 ]

Ordered on the 12th of July 1979 and supplied new on the 8th August 1979 by Munn & Chapman in Buckinghamshire, HMJ761V is a rare four-speed gearbox version of the Mk1 Golf GTI. This low mileage vehicle was purchased from its third owner, living near London, in June 1995. A comprehensive restoration was undertaken in Birmingham and was completed in February 1996.

An second interior re-trim (with new GTI tartan cloth) was carried out in January 2012.

This 1979 Golf GTI is kept in full road-going condition.

"... this low mileage vehicle was purchased from its third owner, living near London, in June  1995."



Original supplying VW dealer.


VW certificate confirms build date of June 1979.

Early GTI with no sunroof.


Early style (series one) dashboard in GTI spec.


Original EG engine is very smooth and flexible.


Rear hatch.


Factory headlining - like new.


The mirror never lies.


90,000 miles.


Motorola VW 111999116c push-button radio.


New ancillaries.


Rubber gaskets.


New VAG rubber hoses etc.


New VAG connectors.


New Bosch fuel accumulator.


New door mirrors.


3M stone chip protection.


Corrosion free underside.


Exhaust heat protector.


Unused spare wheel.


Stop that parcel shelf from rattling! (VAG part)


Original supplying VW dealer rear window decal (& number plates.)


Classic parts !


Original supplying VW dealer key ring with original ignition key.


Alloy wheels optional item on this model in August 1979.



Large history file.


Original (1979) V55.


With 1979 VW sales brochure.


Spare seat cloth.


Letters from previous owners.


Featured in Stanley Classic Car Yearbook.


Foam bath followed by ...


hand polish ...


... then wax.


Another coat won't do any harm.


High definition shine.


Vehicle comprehensively restored.


Registered as SORN but road ready.


Cat on a hot hatch roof.


With BMW X5.


Car and garages protected by Bosch digital CCTV.



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