VW Golf and derivatives by John Blunsden.

ISBN: 0-947981-63-2


The enthusiast's companion.

ISBN: 0 947981 05 5


  First and finest of the hot hatches by Ian Wagstaff.

ISBN: 1-872004-46-6


VW Golf by James Ruppert.

ISBN:  1-85223-996-4

VW Golf by Laurence Meredith.

ISBN: 0-7509-2314-8


Classics in Colour by Ian Wagstaff.

ISBN: 1-872004-86-5


VW Power & Style by Ian Kuah.

ISBN: 0-947981-49-7


You & Your Golf GTI by Andy Butler.

ISBN: 1-85960-825-6



Performance Manual by Tim Stiles.



La Golf by Dimitri Urbain.

ISBN: 2-7268-9447-X




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