"Early" GTI

Information on this page refers to the RHD 1979 (model year) Golf GTI .

There are too many different manufacturing items to list accurately but to the casual observer, and if you're looking for an early RHD Golf GTI, then note the following:


Early GTI = VIN number stamped on suspension turret.


Early GTI = different seat belt receptors.


Early GTI = golf ball gear lever* & Wolfsburg 3-spoke steering wheel.


Early GTI = oval headrests & tartan seat cloth.


Early GTI = manual adjustable door mirror.


Early GTI = single headlamps.


Early GTI = radiator top up cap.


Early GTI = small rear lights with no fog lamps.


Early GTI = no electronic ignition.


Early GTI = 1.6 (EG) engine with four-speed transmission.


Early GTI = black surround for round clocks.


Early GTI = centre console with clock and oil temp guage.



*It is up to the buyer to carry out sufficient due diligence on any prospective purchase.

*A full (replica) golf ball gear knob (without gear pattern) was fitted to cars with four-speed transmission.



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