Evolution of the Mk1 Golf GTI (RHD)

Four-speed (right hand drive) version launched in 1979.


Early five-speed version for 1980.


Revised interior for 1981.


New alloy wheels for 1982.


1.8 litre engine in 1983.


Last of the Mk1 - 1.8 litre (limited edition) Campaign model.



August 1974: The Golf replaces Volkswagen's legendary air-cooled Beetle. It's a smart hatchback (designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro) powered by a range of well built VW/Audi engines.

Spring 1975: Behind the scenes, VW engineers begin work on the fuel injected Golf Sport.

September 1975: Although met with initial scepticism from VW's top brass, the newly named Golf GTI is put into production.

October 1976: The Golf GTI arrives in the UK but only in left-hand-drive specification.

July 1979: Having overcome several technical problems (as well as answering huge public demand) VW builds a right-hand-drive Golf GTI for the UK market. The four-speed gearbox in the GTI is soon replaced by a five-speed transmission.

September 1982:  The 1.6 litre GTI engine is bored out to 1781cc. There's no huge increase in power, but extra torque makes if more flexible.

August 1983: The Mk1 GTI has its final incarnation (in limited edition specification) that will be eventually become known as the 'Campaign.'


*  based on information from Classic Car Mart magazine.



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