Fake GTI in VAG advert?

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During the Summer of 02, Volkswagen (UK) ran a television commercial celebrating 25 years of the Golf GTI. 

Each evolution of the model was shown, but unfortunately, and probably due to the rarity of the very early models, Volkswagen had no option but use a fake 1970s Mk1 GTI. This can only be spotted by true enthusiasts.


Using a still from the commercial, and at first glance, this appears to be a very early Golf GTI Mk1. But look closer!

Side decals are incorrect. The thick ones are too thick.
No Mk1 GTI came with a chrome VW grille badge.
This car is not even a proper GTI - note light coloured roof lining.
Steel road wheels are not of the correct style.

Using this close up of the TV car one can see that it is masquerading as a UK 'S' registration, but all genuine UK-registered pre 1979 cars were only available in left-hand-drive. The TV car is clearly right-hand-drive, (although mysteriously the rear wiper is in an odd position). A specialist RHD conversion is ruled out for this car as it displays the later style of dashboard - not available until 1980. Also note:

No drivers' wiper aerofoil on the o/s wiper arm.
Door mirrors are later interior-remote-controlled version.
All early models have oval headrests.



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