Is your Campaign genuine?

People who own the 1983 Campaign version of the Mk1 Golf GTI can satisfy their curiosity by requesting a vehicle history check from the DVLA. This costs 5.00 and can only be done if you are the registered keeper of the car you are enquiring about.

The DVLA should send you a copy of the original V55 document.

Under the heading of vehicle model it COULD read:


So, what does this mean?

The V55 is a document supplied by the car manufacturer to assist the DVLA with the vehicles first registration. It gives details of body colour, chassis code, make & model and engine size & number, as well as other information. The V55 is provided in the UK by the supplier/importer (in this case Volkswagen UK) and are given to dealers prior to first registration and at the same time the car is delivered from the factory/port of entry to their premises. With this data, the dealer is able to register the correct car/owner with the DVLA via their local vehicle registration office.

The V55 carries very accurate information for each individual car.

On some V55 documents, Volkswagen have described the Mk1 Golf GTI Campaign as a GOLF GTI SPECIAL. However, this is not a definitive test, as personally imported Campaigns, or vehicles that were first registered abroad, may slip through the net and not have this description.


Owners can also send away to VW for a heritage certificate.


Make sure your Campaign is the real deal.


It is up to the buyer to carry out sufficient due diligence on any prospective purchase.



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