Original Golf GTI a classic car?

These magazines think so.


MK1 Golf GTI - a blue chip classic.


Daily Telegraph - January 2016.


Best drivers' cars - Spring 2013.


Classic Car Mart - GTI V MGB.


Classic Car Weekly.


Model Collector, August 2014.


Practical Classics, October 2011.


Genuine cult classic.


Evo magazine.


Mk1 GTI: one of the best to restore.


Golf GTI V Sunbeam Lotus.


Retro Cars, June 2010.


Buyers guide for original Golf GTI.


"Great car."


Classic & Sports Car magazine - August 2002.


EVO magazine, August 2001 - driving the icons.


Advice from Practical Classics magazine.


30 years.


Can't argue with that.


A great handling front-wheel-drive car.


Original and best.


Classic Mk1 magic.


2006 = 30 years of the Golf GTI.


Can new model live up to the original?


Keep that classic in top condition.


Car inspired its own magazine.


Hot Golfs.


German hot hatch or British MG?


Full collection of obsolete GTI Special magazine.


Max Power, August 1993.


Mk1 Golf GTI - kicked off hot hatch race.


Always worth a second look.



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