Mk1 GTI Variants  

1975-1980 Golf GTI: These early versions of the Volkswagen Golf GTI are rare cars in the UK today. The models range from 1975 which saw the first prototype model at the Frankfurt Motor Show to when the five-speed GTI was launched for the 1980 model year. These early LHD versions sported metal bumpers and basic interiors, the first RHD (1979) versions came with plastic wrap-around bumpers, and tartan/check style seat trim. The head rests were oval shaped and the dash comprised of round deep-set dials. The centre console featured a clock and oil temperature gauge. On the outside, the early models featured small rear tail lights, steel road wheels (RHD), one driver's door mirror and single headlights.

Some early (UK) RHD examples, were actually LHD models that had been converted, but only a true enthusiast could identify them - be suspicious if the tyre inflation decal is on the passenger door aperture on a RHD model - especially on a car that has not been repainted.

Unfortunately, very few of these versions remain on the road, although there are one or two fine examples on the show circuit. 

1983 Golf GTI Campaign: While the 4-speed 1979 Golf GTI was the original RHD GTI, the 1983 Golf GTI Campaign was the limited edition run-out model and to some has become the most desirable. 

The 1983 Campaign was the last version of the Mk1 available. Based on a standard 3-door Golf Mk1, but with 112bhp Bosch injected engines, there was 112-115mph top speed, acceleration and road holding to match, and enormous joie-de-vivre into the bargain. The Campaign continued the no sillies approach that had become taken for granted on all Mk1 Golf GTIs. There were no automatics, five doors, or go-faster stripes.

There were only ever a thousand Campaigns delivered to the UK. which makes this a highly sought after example of the Mk1 Golf GTI. 



RHD - right hand drive

LHD - left hand drive



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