No Audio !

A popular query regarding the MK1 Golf GTI was; "what radio was fitted at the factory?" The answer is none!

The Golf GTI Mk1 (for the U.K. market) was supplied with no audio equipment. The type of system fitted when new (if any) would very much depend on what particular audio franchise the supplying Volkswagen dealer was selling at the time of sale, and how much the customer wanted to pay.


An (early) Golf GTI with no audio equipment installed.


This image, from a VAG parts book, shows the N/S/F wing of a Mk1 Golf  with various factory fitments. One is the radio aerial hole plug (arrowed).


A genuine VAG aerial hole plug.


Here is a breakdown of the components that make up the Mk1 Golf (S2) dashboard. The item arrowed is described as a glove box (item pictured below) but is actually supplied from the factory and fits into the radio aperture on the dash.


VAG part number: 321 857 233B: factory (radio aperture) glove box.


The 1983 Golf brochure states audio a cost option.



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