Picture Gallery (5)

Golf GTI Mk1 in (Playstation) Gran Turismo 4.


GTI Engineering rocker cover.


Armour door plates for Mk1 Golf.


Adjust that MFA computer.


Well used Pirelli alloy wheels.


Rare 'B' registration Mk1 Golf GTI.


Make sure they are genuine parts!


VAG media shot of Campaign model.


Brand new DX unit.


Rocker cover engine decal.


Nice shoes.


Polish that Mk1 Golf.


Owners with deep pockets often wanted Pioneer audio in their GTI.


Golf GTI Calendar.


April 09: Mk1 Golf GTI road test.


Duran Duran star with Golf GTI. (1982)


Website key ring.


Famous number plate!


"One more pose - then let me sleep."



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