PistonHeads on the Mk1 Golf GTI

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One GTI thatíll always have an undisputed following, though, is the one that started it all. Today, the Mk1 GTI still looks as youthful as when it was new; more so, in fact, thanks to its compactness and its unadorned lightness of styling touch. Seeing one driven hard is always a joy, especially when itís an untouched, immaculate example like VWís own, and especially when itís VW itself which is sanctioning said hard driving.

This shot captures the Mk1 mid-corner, just the way it was designed to be driven. Thereís a chunk of lean, yes, but itís still hanging on tidily. From this dead-on rear angle, too, the purity of the original GTIís looks are clear: simple, straight-edged horizontal lines, unfussed taillights, ample glass area and a few neatly-judged black accents to set it apart from the lower-line cars.

What more could you want?

From Pistonheads Marketwatch, August 2014.



Picture and words taken from PistonHeads.com


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