Honest Campaign?

The 1983 Campaign was the limited edition Golf GTI model that signalled the end of the Mk1 body shell production run. A lot has been written about what contributes to being a genuine factory Campaign.** 

Below are 10 items to check in what should constitute a factory Campaign model.

1) lamp grille incorporating headlamps and fog lamps

2) green tinted glass

3) factory-fitted sliding steel sunroof

4) Pirelli 'P' 6x14' alloy wheels

5) twin internally-adjustable door mirrors

6) leather-trimmed steering wheel

7) a half golf ball gear knob with gear pattern

8) multi-function digital trip computer (MFA)

9) a sticker fitted on the inside of the car's rear apron can be a Campaign identifier. As well as chassis details, this carried codes for factory equipment. These numbers are: B79, 430, 560, 568, 707, 715, 738, 750. A genuine Campaign carries all eight numbers (five of them - B79, 707, 715, 738, 750 - denote factory-fit items unique to the Campaign)

10) the Pirelli wheels fitted to the Mk1 are subtly different to those used on the Mk2. The Mk1 wheels have a slightly larger 'P' than the Mk 2 versions the gap between the 'P' is smaller at the thinnest point; measuring 7 mm as opposed to 10 mm on the Mk2 wheels. Also, the centre caps on the Mk1 wheels have Pirelli stamped on them while the Mk2 were left blank


Front fog lamps NOT driving lamps.


EW chassis code 'probably' means genuine Campaign.


Pirelli alloy wheels.


All Campaigns have superb 1.8 litre DX engine.


Official specification for Campaign GTI.
Note: this publication implies that EVERY Campaign had the black rear window decal.

** = it is up to the buyer to carry out sufficient due diligence on any prospective purchase.


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